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41793_17304049388_5384_nRPG Art Direction with Jon Hodgson from Cubicle 7

I can’t be happier to release this episode of the G*M*S Magazine podcast.

For starters it has been riddled with setbacks that my guest in this episode has helped overcome like a true champion. It comes to show that dealing with professionals pays off big time.

What happened is that, me being my overzealous self, tried to record the interview in two different programs. Those programs didn’t like each other and the interview was interrupted just a few minutes after it started. So pretty much nothing was recorded.

However, Jon Hodgson, Art Director virtuoso for Cubicle 7 is a seasoned veteran of many podcasts and untold adventures, and had the good sense to record the interview too. So it is thanks to him that we have a podcast!

In this episode Dale and I talk about Conception and the state of affairs for the indie conventions in the UK. Also talk about art direction and looks in RPG books. The conversation will take a more thorough and professional approach with Jon Hodgson, who was absolutely fantastic at answering rather tricky questions.

6469[1]With a portfolio of work that would make a lot of people very jealous, you will have seen his handy work on the cover of the recently reviewed Shadows Over Scotland and many, many other games and cards.

This interview is packed with advice about what to do and what to avoid when you want to lay out your game, so pay attention. Jon has indeed a lot to teach!

Hope you enjoy the show and feel free to direct your comments, good and bad, to

Look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the show!


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