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#RPG #Interview Erik Scott de Bie: How to write novels from D&D. 🐲 All the secrets revealed!

🐲 RPG Interview Erik Scott de Bie: How to write novels from D&D. 🐲 All the secrets revealed!

Erik Scott de Bie has written, among others, for Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons & Dragons and knows how to take the most interesting parts of a game and turn it into a novel and take the best bit of a story and bring them into an adventure. If you are interested in writing…
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How to deal with LGBTQI characters around the table.

Let’s concentrate on the people who don’t know how to deal with characters who are non-straight. I am prepared to believe some don’t know how to deal with that because there are people who live in areas where it is less accepted, there are less outed people or whatever other reason. I am going to…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Do RPGs attract more people with mental health issues?

It is safe to say the RPG crowd is unlike any other out there. We tend to be more open, more creative and a lot more accepting than many other hobbies or sub-cultures. And we are more accepting of mental health issues. And please that I say mental health issues, not illnesses. There is a…
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RPG Review – Magissa. Roleplaying for Children

Magissa is a game designed to be scalable so anyone from about any age can play. Advertised as “Role for children”, it promises a lot, but does it deliver? Magissa was published in 2015 by Spanish publishing company NoSoloRol. At the time of writing this review, there is no English edition. It’s hard to say…
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RPG Review – Phoenix: Dawn Command

Phoenix: Dawn Command is the result of Twogether Studios successful Kickstarter and a roleplaying game in which what kills you, actually make you stronger. By Paco Garcia Jaen The world of Dalea is very much in peril again. Generations after the Dread was brought to a halt by the Phoenix, darkness is coming back to…
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