Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Do RPGs attract more people with mental health issues?

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mental-healthIt is safe to say the RPG crowd is unlike any other out there. We tend to be more open, more creative and a lot more accepting than many other hobbies or sub-cultures. And we are more accepting of mental health issues.

And please that I say mental health issues, not illnesses. There is a massive difference that we have to keep very much present.

However, does our hobby, do RPGs attract more people with mental health issues than other hobbies?

Or is it just that we are more likely to feel safe to disclose or just more aware because of the extended  social interaction?

The fact is that we don’t know, but Jim and I spend a while chatting about it.

Please be mindful when listening to this episode. We talk about mental health issues and give our opinions freely. As much as we have tried to be sensitive, we could have said something that might affect you.

Listener’s discretion is advised.

We also talk about Star Wars: Rogue One

Hope you enjoy the show!

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