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UNBOXING – Sector 6 by Draco Ideas Editorial

UNBOXING –  Sector 6 by Draco Ideas Editorial

I have known about Draco Idea’s Sector 6 for a while but never had the chance to get my hands on it. Now the publisher has been very kind to send me a review copy (which will come to the table veeeeeeeeeeery soon so I can give you a full review), I can find out if this game is worth the amount of money you have to pay to get your hands on it!

Board Game Review – TIME Stories

TIME Stories is a time traveling adventure fully cooperative board game for up to four players that tells an adventure as the players struggle to keep rounds to a minimum and use time as best they can. Designed by Peggy Chassenet and Manuel Rozoy, this clever and rather gorgeous game uses extremely simple mechanics to…
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Boardgame review – Conan from Monolith

Get in the shoes of Conan, your favourite barbarian, and get all over Hyboria defeating your enemies and vanquishing monsters. Monolith had an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign on the back of a very popular and much loved IP like Conan, some kick-ass miniatures, artwork and cool gameplay promises. At nearly $3.5 million, they also hit…
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Boardgame Review – Mansions of Madness 2e

Mansions of Madness 1st edition was received with mixed feelings by a lot of people. This new and evolved version of the game tries to solve some of the problems of the first version. Does it? By Paco Garcia Jaen Fantasy Flight Games has become the most prolific producer of Lovecraft based board games. And…
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Board Game – Review Tornado Ellie

By Paco Garcia Jaen Having a quick and easy to teach/learn game is a must. Because sometimes the only time left to play a game are the 15 minutes before the take-away arrives or the pasta finish cooking, or there are some waiting time for the last member of the party to arrive. That is…
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