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Card Game Review – Shephy

By Paco Garcia Jaen I believe there is no such thing as a dull theme for a game if the theme is well implemented. A lot of people dished Fleet for being a game about gathering a fishing fleet and yet love Terra Mystica even though the theme is pretty crap. Shephy goes some way…
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Boardgame Review – Chaosmos

By Paco Garcia Jaen Chaosmos came out thanks to Kickstarter a few months ago and it puts you in the position of an alien race that’s trying to survive the end of the universe. See, all things die and the Universe is not exception. And every creature out there has a survival instinct and aliens…
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Boardgame Review – Cubist

By Paco Garcia Jaen Alf Seegert is one of my darling designers and a dear friend of mine. Yes. He is a proper friend and I love him to bits. That means that this review is biased. Mind you, it doesn’t need to be because the game is excellent, but if it weren’t, this review…
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Boardgame Review – Wrong Chemistry

By Michael Chamberlain Published in 2012 by MAGE Company, Wrong Chemistry by Tony Cimino is a game of scientist trying to create new elements using an action point system to move the molecule you share with your opponents towards your next score card. The game plays two to four players and plays in around half…
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Boardgame Review – Firefly

Joss Whedon’s Ultimate Misbehavior Is Lifting Ideas From Other Games By Peter Ruth II The world of the TV show Firefly, and the fiction surrounding it, is quite a far cry from your average Sci-Fi, with an odd, kind-of-mystic, pseudo Western/Chinese vibe. As I’m sure you know, the show was incredibly popular, but apparently not…
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