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Boardgame Review – Revolver. This Colonel Ain’t About The Chicken

By Peter Ruth II I know I’m late in reviewing this, but nobody has ever really talked much about this one, so here I am, a year after first playing it, talking about it. Let’s just get one thing straight: I really don’t like very many card games. I’m a board gamer, and these deck…
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Boardgame Review – Lord of the Rings living card game.

By Evaldas Bladukas Today my friends we venture into lands wrought with peril and danger, where many board game fans fear to tread. Where wallets collapse and melt like clocks in a Dali painting. Where addictions develop faster than the spreading of narcolepsy when the in-flight movie comes on. We are talking, of course, about…
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Boardgame Review – Hubbly Bubbly Brew

By Michael Chamberlain Hubbly Bubbly Brew, printed in 2013 by Quantuum Games and designed by Patrick Ruedisueli is a game for two to four witches and wizards (its own words) in which players are collecting ingredients to brew their own potions. This game has a play time of up to thirty minutes and is designed…
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Card Game Review – Bedtime Heroes

By Paco Garcia Jaen Although children can get jolly scared when they have a nightmare, more often than not they fight their monsters in their dreams with the help of their favourite toys. Or that is what Bedtime Heroes would want us to do. In this light and simple game, the players are put in…
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Boardgame Review–Romeo and Juliet in the Council of Verona

By Paco Garcia Jaen Light games with just a few components are all the rage at the moment. In the last few years there have been a number of games that require very few cards and feature quick gameplay with simple and fun rules anyone can pick up in a matter of minutes. It’s not…
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