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Board Game review – Om Nom Nom

By Michael Chamberlain Om Nom Nom is a light family simultaneous selections game designed by Meelis Looveer and published by Brain Games this year (2013). This game, sporting its amazingly catchy name, sold out at Essen, but we are lucky enough to have a copy. Om Nom Nom plays two to six players and is…
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Boardgame review – Ortus

By Michael Chamberlain Ortus, released this year (2013) by FableSmith and designed by Joost Das, is an abstract strategy game for two players with an Asian combat theme, played on a hex board. The game is said to last between 30 and 45 minutes and this is about right, though you can expect your initial…
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Boardgame review – Taluva

I can’t control my brain

Things are definitely taking a turn for the autumnal up here in the far North. The leaves and the air both turn crisp, and the nights are fair drawing in. How delightful then, to be mentally transported to an island paradise in the warm Southern seas? Aah, when I close my eyes I can almost smell the salt on the air, feel the tropical sun dappling on my skin as I lay beneath this coconut-laden palm. Somewhere I can here the trilling of birds of paradise, mingling with the screams of the villagers as they flee yet another volcanic catastrophe…

Boardgame review – Word on the Street Junior

Word on the Street Junior, by Jack Degnan and published by Out of the Box Publishing in 2010, is a family word game played in teams. Using a tug of war style mechanic, the teams will take turns to try to choose the best word to maximise their pull on the letters.

Boardgame review – Glastonbury

Glastonbury by Gunter Burkhardt and published by Franjos Spieleverlag this year (2013) is a reimplementation of Kupferkessel Co. (2001) that expands on the original game and allows for four players adding some new elements.