The G*M*S Magazine Podcast #12 is out!

legends of anglerreWelcome back to the G*M*S Magazine Podcast!

Today we have a very special co-host guest! Rather than the usual Mark Rivera to aid Paco Garcia-Jaen in his endeavours; author Sarah Newton has jumped on the wagon to bring you the news from GenCon you never knew you wanted to hear!

Cthulhu_Britannica_ScotlandSarah is well known for her work on Legends of Anglerre, Chronicles of Future Earth and, more recently, Shadows Over Scotland; a new release from Cubicle 7 in the series of Cthulhu Britannica books.

Of course those are not all the strings to her bow and we’re doing to find out more about her past, present and future as a writer and a gamer.

Also in the show there is an interview with the mighty Bruce Cordell.

Neverwinter_campaignA true veteran and heavy-weight of the industry for many years, Bruce Cordell has been responsible for some of the most interesting and better written work that have graced the Dungeons & Dragons realm the for last few years. Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun and, more recently, Neverwinter Campaign setting are some of the titles under his belt.

dark_sun_cg_b1yPaco also talks to him about his recent novel “The Sword of the Gods”, which features the amazing character of Demascus; an amnesic Deva in a quest of survival and self-discovery full of danger, adventure and terrific settings.

Really hope you’ll enjoy this podcast!

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