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Chronicles of Future Earth

Chronicles of Future Earth with Sarah Newton

Chronicles of Future Earth is a roleplaying game 20 years in the making that I had the honour of watching from the start. And now you’ll be lucky enough to enjoy too! When I met Sarah and she invited me and another work colleague to her home to play Chronicles of Future Earth, I had…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room: Mindjammer with Sarah Newton

I have been looking forward to seeing Mindjammer for a long time. The Space Opera game that will probably set a new precedent for future sci-fi games is finally almost here and I am seriously looking forward to seeing what Sarah Newton is going to bless our gaming shelves with. I came across Mindjammer years…
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Dragonmeet interviews with Sarah Newton and Stuart Boon

If you thought we had forgotten Dragonmeet, you were wrong. If you had forgotten Dragonmeet, tutt tutt! First of all interview with author, designer and friend Sarah Newton. We talk Mindjammer, Achtung Cthulhu and some more, though it’s not long interview, just to leave you wanting for more! And then also an interview with no…
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The G*M*S Magazine Episode 65 – Sarah Newton and Mindjammer Press

You might remember that a few episodes ago we started a discussion about art and role playing games. At the time, we had some difficulties with audio and Rob couldn’t stay online due to bad internet connection.

This time, Rob is in a much better place and can talk for ages about the subject, so we can hear what he has to say. And some of the things he says are very, very interesting, even if I have to throw a few challenging questions back at him!

Mindjammer Press announces a new home for Mindjammer

Mindjammer returns! Mindjammer Press, a new roleplaying and fiction imprint, has announced its plans to publish the Mindjammer roleplaying game, the far future transhuman space opera setting, and fiction lines. “This is a very exciting opportunity,” said Sarah Newton, owner of Mindjammer Press and author of the ENnie Award-winning setting and fiction line. “We’ve taken…
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