Dragonmeet interviews with Sarah Newton and Stuart Boon

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dragonmeet_5001[1]If you thought we had forgotten Dragonmeet, you were wrong. If you had forgotten Dragonmeet, tutt tutt!

First of all interview with author, designer and friend Sarah Newton. We talk Mindjammer, Achtung Cthulhu and some more, though it’s not long interview, just to leave you wanting for more!

And then also an interview with no less than Stuart Boon, the much acclaimed and awarded writer of Shadows Over Scotland and now the line manager for Cubicle 7 in charge of the Cthulhu Britanica terrific range.

Hope you enjoy them!

Paco Garcia-Jaen interviews Sarah Newton and Stuart Boon


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  1. Thanks, Paco! I’d forgotten how hoarse I was by the end of the day. My voice was failing after chatting with folk for 8 solid hours! It was great to catch up with you.

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