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lovecraft country podcast episode two podbean

Lovecraft Country podcast | Episode two

Our second podcast episode about #LovecraftCountry #podcast #critique. Shawn and I talk about Kristina and how this show is not as good as we expected, wanted or could have been. But there is one thing… one special thing that made Paco go “WWWOOOOOWWWWWWWW”…. Find out what! Visit other #GMSMagazine productions: For our main channel:…
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How to publish your #RPG Ep. 3 - Publish or Self-publish

Publish or Self-publish? How to publish your RPG Ep. 3

Choosing if you want to publish or self-publish is an important decision. Each has its pros and cons and one has to be ready for the consequences. This video has been produced for Please help our channel by subscribing and commenting and support our Patreon Campaign if you can: In this video, I…
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10 illnesses and conditions to use in your #RPG

10 illnesses and conditions to use in your RPG

This quick guide to 10 illnesses that could be used in your game to make things harder for your players in a longer term way, rather than a wound that you can heal in no time with your magic. Most of us have suffered from illnesses in the past and we know how terribly debilitating…
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The RPG Room: James Bond, dilemmas and Klug, Chris Klug.

James Bond RPG came out a very long time ago and, even though no longer published or popular, it is a very relevant game today. It is interesting that some games that have been out of print for a long time can, and indeed have some ideas that a vast amount of more modern games…
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Will you just shut your whinging! – The RPG Room

You know, I am pretty tired of stupid, petty minded assholes who prefer to take offence of anything rather than celebrate diversity. I am sick of idiots who don’t have what it takes to feel safe and secure in their masculinity and whinge and complain endlessly when something is organise just for women or minorities.…
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