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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Are Casual Gamers bad?

Casual gamers are, in my opinion, the bread and butter of any hobby. The vast majority of any hobby’s follower is a casual person who enjoys whatever it is on an ad-hoc basis. And of course the presence of casual gamers has an impact on the gaming experience. If anything because the level of commitment…
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Podcast episode: The RPG Room – Clichés in RPGs

How many times have we seen the same clichés in RPGs? How many more times will we have to endure them? Truth is that clichés have a reason to exist because they make life easy for the writer or player, so it is not surprising that we see them so often. However, overuse and simplification…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Orphan Characters

RPGs are home to too many orphan characters. Characters with no past, no grounding or no substance. Often we see people who create characters and have no background whatsoever, or want to have the “mysterious” character with no past. A character that will take as close to zero as possible effort to play because they…
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Podcast episode The RPG Room: X-Card and its detractors

I recently discovered the X-Card thanks to Jim. I had no idea it existed and it was a truly fantastic revelation that will grace my table from now on. For those of you who don’t know, the X-Card is an invention by John Stavropoulos that aims to stop discomfort at the table. As part of…
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Podcast episode – The RPG Room: Carrie Fisher and strong characters

Carrie Fisher, for me, epitomised the concept of a strong character when she became Leia Organa. Not because the character was well written, but because she was an incredible character herself. The death of the beloved Carrie Fisher was a massive shock for most of us. Not just because she was so young – 60…
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