Podcast Episode The RPG Room: Chasing Equality

r0_294_7000_4948_w370_h246_fmaxFor the last few years the discussion on equality in games, both in and out of the fantasies, have been raging with arguments being made on both camps that make you wonder sometimes if we have learned anything in the last two hundred years.

Some of us do want to see more diversity in games, both in the creative environment – that is, the people who create the games – and in the created environment, inside the games themselves.

Some other people consider that inclusion of diversity and the added richness it provides a burden on their creative juices. Which is bullshit.

However there is an aspect of all this inclusion that makes people nervous because on the one hand they fee they *must* include minorities and, on the other hand, if they make a mistake in the representation, they will be scorned mercilessly by members of those minorities.

Is there a balance to be striken here? Do we truly need equality in games?

Jim Pinto and I discuss this at length.

Lots of cursing!

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