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Podcast episode: The RPG Room: Stinky Graphics, part 2

The last podcast Jim and I discussed a lot about bad graphic design in RPGs and some of the very many reasons for it. But we didn’t really get to discuss everything (maybe because we can’t really discuss everything without spending the rest of our lives talking about it) so we decided to have another…
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Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Stinky Graphics

Why do we see so many RPGs with bad Stinky Graphics? Graphic Design is a massive part of any visual product, in fact is totally paramount. With bad Graphic Design and stinky graphics, the product will never be good, no matter how many qualities it has. In this impromptu podcast, Jim and I talk about…
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Podcast Episode The RPG Room: Authors as Bending Machines

Should Authors pander to what the gaming crowd want and produce what sells, or should they produce what they want and get stuck with poor sales? This is a very real question and a very real situation that many RPG authors out there have to face every day. And it is not an easy decision…
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Podcast Episode The RPG Room: Chasing Equality

For the last few years the discussion on equality in games, both in and out of the fantasies, have been raging with arguments being made on both camps that make you wonder sometimes if we have learned anything in the last two hundred years. Some of us do want to see more diversity in games,…
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The RPG Room – Are games still uniting us?

Most people believe that we are into a very inclusive hobby that helps people come together and bind us into friendships and a community that is supportive and welcoming. Yet, during the last few years I have seen that community fragmenting and becoming very, very toxic in many areas. So, have games lost their ability…
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