Podcast episode – The RPG Room Episode two

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cosplayersAfter a while in which we’ve kept the room under lock and key, we are back to discuss all things role play and cover topics gaming related that might, or might not, be of interest to you, our lovely listeners.

Together with the furniture, we’ve made some changes to the hosts. Or maybe I should say an addition.

I am very pleased to announce that Jim Pinto, of Postworld Games will be joining us on a permanent basis to co-host this podcast with Vickey Beaver and myself.

Jim has a wealth of experience in the world of RPG and boardgames with more designs in his portfolio than most, though he’s also less well-known than most.

However, I have read a few of his games and backed his most recent Kickstarter and the suspicion that he has some sort of super power or alien heritage, because few other people can write as much apart from him and Endzeitgeist.

Anyway. In this episode Jim explains why fads are a thing of the past and why cosplayer shouldn’t have a place at games conventions.

We also find out why I am a horrible human being around Halloween.

Enjoy the show!

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