Podcast Episode–The RPG Room: Improvising, Giving Feedback and Reading to Rob with Vickey Beaver

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keep-calm-and-improvise-13By Paco Garcia Jaen

The first in this series of episodes in which me, Paco and my better co-host, Vickey talk about RPG stuff. Not reviews, not Kickstarter projects and not too much nonsense either (thought, come on… it’s me! Some nonsense must be included!).

In this episode we talk about how to give feedback to both players, writers and GMs after a game.

There is also another installment of Reading to Rob, in which I lend my accent and rather strange diction and read a story. To commemorate the fact that they were awesome beyond belief, scary as hell and tremendous story tellers, I’ll read in each RPG room a Brothers Grimm story. Really, really grim.

And we also discussed how to improvise. What happens when your group of players decide to do something totally unexpected and leave you wondering what to do?

So get your drink, sit back, relax and be comforted by the fluffy cushions on the sofas of the RPG room!

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