Podcast Episode – The RPG Interview Room – Adventures in the East Mark with Extra-Dimensional Publishing

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Aventuras Marca EsteBy Paco Garcia Jaen

If you’re not tired of hearing me to on about it, please let me give you another reason to be.

I have *loved* Aventuras en la Marca del Este – Adventures in the East Mark – since I saw it printed for the first time in 2010. I bought two copies of the game and I showed it around to some British companies because I thought that, with the amazing artwork, lovely layout and the perfectly crafted OSR feel of the game, it should be translated into English for a lot more people to enjoy.

Recently, a new company called Extra-Dimensional Publishing was created in order to get this game and bring it into English. At last someone saw sense!

With a current (current at the time of publishing this podcast, of course) Kickstarter campaign, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk to two of the people behind this project and ask them why they have gone through the efforts of getting this campaign going.

Get ready for some serious Spanish accents here. I have to say it was quite strange to interview two Spanish people in English, but I Figured most of you wouldn’t be able to understand much, and the point is for you guys and gals to understand so you head to this project and give them some love and money. Ideally money.

Hope you enjoy the show.

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