Podcast Episode – The RPG Room: Culture and Social advocacy in RPGs

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Social-AdvocacyA few days ago Jim and I talked for a while about culture in games. How they are not well used or even created in most games and we touched on some of the social aspects of cultures and how to translate them into gaming. Also how to convert real cultures into gaming cultures.

After that, it was pointed out by someone who heard our episode and, in particular, the bit about understanding another’s culture and getting to know it, even if from a distance, that it was very obvious that it was two white guys talking about topic.

Regardless of the fact that the assertion is wrong (I am not white. I just have white skin privilege), that sparked a conversation between Jim and myself: How is social advocacy affecting RPGs.

In this episode we discuss that, as well as a bit of cultural appropriation (very little) and a few other interesting things.

A fair bit of swearing in this episode!

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