Video Interview – Mindwarrior Games at Spiel 2014

pic1074447_t[1] I have a soft spot for Mindwarrior Games. Not just they are utterly charming people, they make tremendous games.

Part of the Tactic Group, they are a relatively new addition to the company and they’re venturing further into the world of gaming. Last year they had a great selection of games and this year they brought them back with one new adittion: Realm of Wonder.

Looking superb, it made a lot of people very happy at the booth in Spiel.

I spoke to Johanna Pelkonen about the company and their games.

Hope you enjoy it!

For disclosure, the insanely gorgeous Swiss chocolate she gave me hasn’t biased my opinion of the company or made me like them any more than I already did.


Not one bit!

Also the interview was recorded before the interview. So there.

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