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Video Interview – Elad Goldsteen from Golden Egg Games

Golden Egg Games has produced some super cool games. Historia, Fallen City of Karez, Alliances, City Council, Florenza: The card game… And they’ve had some seriously great successes in Kickstarter with Athlas – Duel for Divinity, a two players game in which each player takes the role of a god-like being taking a test of…
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Video Interview – GenX at Spiel 2014

If something can be said about GenX Games is that they are uncompromising with their games. They publish what they like to publish and think it’s fun and, more often than not, they get it right! This past Spiel they came out with “The Possession”, a homage to the Evil Dead movie and its genre.…
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Video Interview – Eggertspiele at Spiel 2014

Disclaimer: Wolf gave me beer. Admittedly, that is not enough to sway my liking a company or not. And certainly not enough for me to like or dislike their games more or less. Also, we’re talking about Eggertspiele here… they have some amazing games. And they are one really friendly and lovely company and I…
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Video Interview – Game Design House at Spiel 2014

Looking and being able to get games that normally would go completely unnoticed is, beyond any doubt, one of the most rewarding aspects of going to Spiel every year. When those games are made on the other side of the globe by people with sheer passion driving their creation, the reward is even better. Game…
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Video Interview – dV Giochi Dark Tales at Spiel 2014

By Paco Garcia Jaen Dark Tales is an Italian game based on fairy tales created by Pierluca Zizzi and published by Italian company dV Giochi. This is a very simple game that surprised me at the show firstly because of the incredible visuals and secondly because I could see a lot of people playing the…
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