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Video Unboxing – Chaosmos from Mirror Box Games

If the universe were to end and a new universe to be formed afterwards, aliens would be looking for the Ovoid, a mysterious artefact that would allow them to jump into the next universe and, basically, not die. But in order to do that, one would have to find other artefacts, trade, conquer, fight and…
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Video Unboxing – Colt Express from Ludonaute

It is well know I have a soft spot for French produced games because they tend to be really, really lovely and wonderfully beautiful. And among French companies, Ludonaute are my softest of spots because they not just produce fantastic games (Ygdrassil anyone? Lewis & Clark?) but they also look super gorgeous. With Colt Express,…
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Unboxing Video – Terra Evolution

I like Mindwarrior Games. I think it’s a cool company and they have a very friendly customer facing people who devote themselves to their customers. Customers who tend to be very happy to play their games too, I hasten to add. In this video we take a look at Terra Evolution, a deck building game…
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Video Interview – Mindwarrior Games at Spiel 2014

I have a soft spot for Mindwarrior Games. Not just they are utterly charming people, they make tremendous games. Part of the Tactic Group, they are a relatively new addition to the company and they’re venturing further into the world of gaming. Last year they had a great selection of games and this year they…
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Video interview – Alchemists from Czech Games Edition

Alchemists did extremely well at Spiel in 2014. With really cute and gorgeous art direction and a game play to die for, this game is set to become a new classic. To make matters even better, the game uses an app to help you play the game. In a way that actually helps the game…
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