Video Seminar – Meet the Big Companies at UK Games Expo

UK-Games-Expo-300x336[1]One of the highlights of the UK Games Expo was to be able to get some of the biggest names in the gaming industry to sit around a table and discuss games, gaming and a bit of Kickstarter.

Had the pleasure of having Christian Petersen from Fantasy Flight Games, Bob Carty from Mayfair Games (we were meant to have Loren Roznai but, unfortunately she was unable to make it due to pressing commitments) and Justin Ziran from Wizkids giving us some very interesting insight and and opinions on where games companies are not, where they’ve been and where they could be in the next few years.

We had a bit of interference from Christian’s phone. We’ve done our best to eliminate it, but alas we’ve been unable to get rid of it fully.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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