Dice & Slice Pilot Episode Gazpacho, Creamed Rice and X-wing!

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logo_500Welcome to the pilot episode of Dice & Slice, the show about games, gamers and food.

After a successful crowd-funding campaign in Kickstarter to buy some equipment and the hell of a lot of learning for the following four months, the pilot/rehearsal episode is now out with something tasty for you to enjoy and, hopefully, cook too!

In this episode two mega simple recipes and a super excellent game.

First a cold soup that’s as healthy as it is tasty and can be modified to fit your tastes: Gazpacho. Lots of tomatoes, some garlic, basil… Just watch. It’s pretty delicious. Click here to download the recipe.

And for dessert: Creamed Rice Pudding. Another really basic recipe that can be complemented with all sorts of ingredients to suit your taste and turn something simple into something awesome. Click here to download the recipe.

And then Michael Chamberlain and I play X-Wing and review the game. The good (lots of it), the bad (only a couple of things) and the ugly (absolutely nothing of that.)

And now, please get your feedback coming!

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