Interview: Ludonaute at Spiel 2014

Ludonaute Colt Express did the delights of people at Spiel 2014

Ludonaute is a darling company of mine. I really dig their games and I dig their people and so far they have never disappointed me.

I keep saying (and I will keep saying) that French companies are the ones producing some of the best looking and best playing games out there.

This year at Spiel they got Colt Express, a super fun game in which the players take on the role of Wild West robbers trying to get the loot off a train.

It made the delights of everyone at Spiel and, with the 3D cardboard train, it was also one of the cutest.

Here is my interview with Annce-Cecille LeFebre and the designer of the game Christophe Raimbault.

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