Unboxing: The One Ring

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slipcase cover.inddIt is fair to say that Tolkien gave us one of the best loved and most inspiring fantasy worlds ever. Known pretty much all over the world and with millions of devoted followers, it is not surprising that it has reached pretty much any medium from the original books to cinema and, of course, tabletop games.

However, when is about role playing games, not many versions (if any) have managed to truly capture Tolkien’s vision of Middle Earth. So Cubicle 7 have brought it upon themselves to do just that.

The One Ring is not your typical Lord of the Rings setting, though, and to reflect that, they have created an RPG that comes in a format that is not the typical either. With a price tag of nearly $60, is the production worth that much?

Let’s find out!

Paco Garcia-Jaen unboxes The One Ring, from Cubicle 7


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