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Consent in Gaming – Have we lost it?

Seems a lot of people have lost it when is about the Consent in Gaming book from Monte Cook Games. On every side of the argument. I stopped to listen to the detractors and this is what I found out. This video has been produced for www.gmsmagazine.com. Please help us by subscribing to the channel…
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Kings of War Kickstarter: The RPG Interview Room

Kings of War Kickstarter: The RPG Interview room

Kings of War Kickstarter project is raging now and should be funded by the time you hear this podcast. ¿Should you back it too? Mantic’s universe translated into this Kings of War roleplaying game is good news for everyone. The skirmish boardgames that w have enjoyed for years, have gathered a plethora of lore that…
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Dungeons and Dragons Behind Bars

Let’s Play: Dungeons and Dragons Behind Bars: The RPG interview room

Let’s Play: Dungeons and Dragons Behind Bars is a documentary by filmmaker Elisabeth de Kleer that takes a look at the inside of some jails in the USA and the effect that playing D&D has on some of the inmates. It’s well know and spoken about how playing Dungeons & Dragons has many potential benefits…
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the marlowe house

Marlowe House: The RPG Interview Room Podcast

The Marlowe House and its creators, Monica and Andrew Marlowe, have been in my radar for a very long time  now. I have known them for years and their involvement in the world of RPGs has interested me. But who are they? Well… we are about to find out. From their involvement in RPG Superstar…
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Ultramodern 5 from Dias Ex Machina Games

The RPG Interview Room: Ultramodern 5 with Chris Dias

Ultramodern 5 is an evolution of a game that saw the light in 2016 and that now has funded successfully in Kickstarter for a new, bigger edition with more of everything.