Tekumel with Victor Jason Raymond

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Tekumel is the product of the brilliant mind of professor M.A.R. Barker and one of the first RPG settings to come to light after the publication of D&D, so why isn’t it better know?

To me that is a mystery. Tekumel is a rich and well crafted environment and it was a much loved RPG that, to this day, gets a lot of interest and money in eBay.

Over the years, there have been some editions of the game that, to be honest, haven’t really done enough justice to the original and have failed to get the momentum needed to create a sustainable and renewable line of product.

However, the game continues to be very much active with a bunch of very dedicated people behind the Tekumel Foundation who work tirelessly to keep the game alive and well.

If you have never heard about Tekumel and the Petal Throne before, this interview is for you. If you have… this interview is also for you!

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