Mark Rein-Hagen and Vampire TM V5 controversy

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Mark Rein-Hagen and the Vampire The Masquerade controversy

Even before Mark Rein-Hagen re-joined White Wolf to work on the fifth edition of Vampire The Masquerade, the game was plagued with controversy.

In the last few months, Mark Rein-Hagen has seen his fair share of vitriol online. Participating in a game that has raised so many issues within the RPG community, being outspoken about political issues of a very sensitive nature and generally just being transgressive have brought up a lot of sourness that has translated into a lot of unpleasant exchanges online.

WARNING: This episode of the podcast contains strong language and references to nazi ideology, paedophilia and many other topics that listeners could find upsetting. Listener’s caution is advised.

In this episode I wanted to talk to Mark about his experiences before, during and after working in this new version of the game. From his return to White Wolf to the role he has played in the new edition of the game, we also discuss “transgresiveness” and its legitimacy in a world where being transgressive is under a greater scrutiny than it was25 years ago.

¡I hope you enjoy the interview and find it interesting!

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