Calidar with Bruce Heard

Calidar is the masterful work from Mystara´s Creator, Bruce Heard and it is fantastic!

The world of Calidar has been going for just a few years and its author, veteran designer Bruce Heard has already written four books with another one funded as I type on Kickstarter.

But what exactly is Calidar and how did it get started?

I will admit I was a bit geeked out when I interviewed Bruce. He is a true legend with some iconic work on his back from his time at TSR, where, among other things he developed Mystara, a very well-remembered and loved setting for D&D.

How does Calidar work?

A world made of raw magic that resides at the heart of the world and shapes reality and existence around it according to the thoughts and desires of its inhabitants. Surrounded by three inhabited moons that constantly war among themselves for dominance of the substance that keep their flying ships going.

Meanwhile, on the planet, former colonies from the three empires have joined forces and rebelled against their empires. Now they look out for their interests in a barren and dangerous world and keep the three moons empires at bay.

All in all, a world you can’t be bored in!

But let’s hear it from its creator and why you should take a look at this setting and chip in!

Thank you for listening.

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