Jonny Hodgson and Bang and Twang!

Jonny Hodgson has been a friend since I pretty much got into RPG media. Approachable as few, he has a stellar career that has recently seen some massive changes. What is he up to now?

Talking to Jonny Hodgson is always fun and knowing that he is changing what he does and how he makes a living, I had to ask a few questions of my own.

He has been a part of the art world in the RPG business for decades and his style has given a distinctive look to many, many books both in Fantasy and Science Fiction. The work done for The One Ring, Lone Wolf, Victoriana and many others will forever make those games iconic.

However Hodgson is now doing something else. He has packed the art direction role he had in C7and now he is making maps and designing games with his children and funding in Kickstarter.


Let’s find out!

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