Game Overview: 360 Stories at Spiel 2015

Not everything that looks like a game has to have a very well defined set of rules. And not everything that does have a nicely defined set of rules has to be a game. It can just be a nice activity to indulge in from time to time and spend time with friends or unknown […]

Video Interview: Burger Boss at Spiel 2015

I have known about Burger Boss for a while now and when I saw the prototype box at the UK Games Expo 2015, I was very impressed with its look and feel. Also with the game, I have to say. Although the whimsical illustrations might make it look like a kiddies game, don’t be fooled, […]

Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Heroes

Heroes is a deck building game for 2 to 4 players published by Rebel that combine real time dice rolling mechanics with deck building and battling all in one. And it looks truly stunning. Now, I am not a friend of real-time dice-rolling mechanics. It just drives me mad, but in this occasion it works […]

Boardgame Review – Chaosmos

By Paco Garcia Jaen Chaosmos came out thanks to Kickstarter a few months ago and it puts you in the position of an alien race that’s trying to survive the end of the universe. See, all things die and the Universe is not exception. And every creature out there has a survival instinct and aliens […]

Video Unboxing – McJohny’s from Czech Board Games

One of the companies I always look forward to seeing when I get to Essen is Czech Board Games, they always have some quirky and fun game that, although hardly have the depth of one of the greatest, they’re always very welcome around the table and more than original in their design. Irreverent, cheeky and […]

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