Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Interview Room with Uwe Eickert and Mare Nostrum

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pic2529504_t[1] By Paco Garcia Jaen

Academy Games is currently in Kickstarter with a new version of a game called Mare Nostrum; a game of building empires, defending territories, building alliances and managing lots of resources.

The company has had massive successes in the past with games like Fief – France 1429, 1775 Rebellion, Freedon – The Underground Railroad and the Conflict of Heroes series and now they’re poised to repeat the feat with this project.

And I am not surprised. It looks amazing and Academy Games has forged a reputation for quality both of gameplay and production that people have come to trust.

But, as usual, a new game is also a new risk both for consumers and producers and one can never find enough information before buying to help make the right decision. Which is why I got together with Uwe to ask him a bunch of questions about the game and the project.

Hope you enjoy the show and take a look at the Mare Nostrum Kickstarter project.

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