Video Unboxing – McJohny’s from Czech Board Games

pic2222915_t[1]One of the companies I always look forward to seeing when I get to Essen is Czech Board Games, they always have some quirky and fun game that, although hardly have the depth of one of the greatest, they’re always very welcome around the table and more than original in their design.

Irreverent, cheeky and sometimes edgy, their games do bring a “ohhhhh!” more often than not.

Last year, Czech Board Games released McJohny’s, a game that plays on the fast food model and puts the player as one of the workers in a team of the employees in a big chain in charge of a part of the business.

It all sounds good and fun so far, but are the contents worth the amount of money you have to pay to get your hands on it?

Let’s find out!

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