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Mythic Britain and Ireland

The GMS Magazine Podcast: Interview with Graeme Davis. Mythic Britain & Ireland.

I had the chance to ask Graeme about the Mythic Britain & Ireland, how it came to be, what it contains and what makes it worthy of attention. Also about his experience with Free League and creating creatures for the Year Zero Engine.

Heroes of Cerulea, interview with the designer

RPG Interview: Lucas Falk and Heroes of Cerulea

Heroes of Cerulea is a game that recreates the dungeon exploring theme of games like Legend of Zelda and similar. Coming from Black Fisk, the company that also brought us Blood Feud, this game is likely to break a few rules and make a few others. You can find the KS campaign here: And…
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Hadozee Mess

The GMS Magazine Podcast: Dungeons & Dragons and the Hadozee mess

In this podcast we cover the Dungeons & Dragons mess that was publishing the Hadozee in their Spelljammer. We go into some detail regarding the origin of the problem, what the Hadozee was like in the first edition of Spelljammer and discuss how much more leeway Wizards of the Coast has to continue with these…
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The Sundering: The city beneath our feet

The Sundering: The Nation Beneath Our Feet – Interview with co-author Hannibal Tabu

I had the enormous pleasure to have Hannibal Tabu in the show Thanks to  @Dias Ex Machina , and we asked a ton of questions about The Sundering: The Nation Beneath our Feet. This is a brand new unnoficial 5E adventure created by Damion Poitier and Hannibal and it looks totally amazing. The whole team behind…
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Interview with Francesco Perratone from Degenerate Polygons

Interview with Francesco Perratone from Degenerate Polygons

I have been aware of Degenerate Polygons and their Initiative Tracking Tower for a while. They were kind enough to send me one fully printed and painted, and it looks totally amazing. I invited Francesco to come to the podcast so I could find out more about the reasons behind this crowdfunding, going professional and…
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