Interview Vynestra, A Rome-Themed 5th Edition World & City Setting

Vynestra is a high fantasy, ancient-themed setting for 5th Edition, drawing heavy inspiration from Rome and other classical cultures.

Vynestra has 1,000 pages of fresh new lore, spells, magical items, kinships, backgrounds, feats, adventures, encounters, and a massive city setting with over 600 locations; spread over five beautifully illustrated books with human-created art.

Vynestra features a fully customisable ability system with powers drawn from the gods. These manifest as magical tattoos, called embers, which allow PCs and NPCs to ascend as demigods.
Vynestra has a diverse cast of characters and creatures across all its settings.

Vynestra is ready to go! We’re 99% done with everything, apart from some final edits, and are able to send out PDFs soon (roughly 1-2 months after the campaign ends following a backer review period). Digital rewards will be sent through DriveThruRPG and

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