Nov 042015

game-packsApple crumble is probably one of the most classic and quintessential British desserts. I really have no idea what’s about it, but it really feels very British. Maybe it’s me… I don’t know.

And Lords of War is a very, very British game too. Soooo British that the designers were both born in England.

That, of course, has no bearings and I’m just waffling a bit here, so let’s get serious… ish.

Martin Vaux and Nick Street invented and designed Lords of War and as soon as it was out, it was awarded at the UK Games Expo, and with good reason. It’s a cracking game.

And they have expansions and very successful Kickstarter campaigns!

Having Martin around, I had to cook something nice and an Apple Crumble is always a winner. Also takes next to no time to cook, so why not.

Hope you enjoy the show!

To download the recipe for the apple crumble, please click here.

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Aug 042015

pic2040714_tFamily games can be rather deceptive sometimes. Behind simple mechanics and quick gameplay, they hide myriad features that can make them super exiting and interesting and these two games we played for this episode are good examples of that.

In this episode of Dice & Slice, we played The Night of the Grand Octopus. Release by Iello last year, it’s a light-hearted take on the whole mythos theme, adapted for the whole family and turned into a game of bluffing, worker placement and some fighting that plays quickly enough and gets better with a slightly larger number of players.

And it’s fun. Real fun!

Super Rhino, on the other hand, it’s a dexterity game that plays very, very fast and although it has some flaws, it really is very good fun and worth playing.

But let’s not just talk about games and let’s talk about what you can feed your friends when they turn up to play.

In this episode I show you how to cook a very simple and delicious Broad Bean and Chorizo risotto packed with flavour and it’ll take you about 20 minutes to cook.

And you can download the recipe from here.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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Feb 182015

pic2374467_t[1] Anyone who likes cool TV would have heard of Thunderbirds, the series set an incredible precedent on TV decades ago and it has remained an icon and a milestone to date with a massive following of dedicated fans. Now those fans, and more people yet to become fans, are going to have the chance to become Thunderbirds themselves and work together to save the world from the nefarious plans of The Hood, who won’t make the task easy.

And neither has Matt Leacock, the designer of the Thunderbirds game that Modiphius will publish as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is over.

In this episode of Dice & Slice we show you how the game plays and talk to publisher Chris Birch about the plans for the Thunderbirds game, it’s strengths and more.

To make sure you have as much time to play the game as possible, this episode features two recipes that take mere minutes to prepare without compromising on taste.

The main course is a Lemon Roast Chicken that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare and is ready in the time it’ll take you to save the world a few times. You can download the recipe here.

For dessert, a recipe for Vegan Brownies that will have everyone around you amazed at how incredible something without eggs or milk taste. Download the recipe here.

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Nov 072014

DnD_StarterBox It’s time to cook again. And have friends around for dinner again!

Welcome to Dice & Slice!

In this episode we are going to cook a hearty and delicious main course that you can change and add whatever ingredients you like and still taste amazing, and change it for people with dietary requirements. Also an incredibly simple dessert that can be cooked in 30 minutes from start to finish.

Firstly we cook roasted stuffed butternut squash and I prepare it in two different versions, one for omnivores and one for vegans.

For the Vegan recipe PDF, please click here:

For the meaty recipe PDF, please click here:

And for dessert a Spanish classic perfect for celiacs as it contains no flour or dairy, perfect for children to prepare because it requires no sharp utensils and bakes in under 30 minutes: Tarta de Santiago.

For this mega-easy recipe PDF, please click here:

And as for games, we play Dungeons & Dragons, the game that started all roleplaying games and has received a new version recently.

Our experience local game master, Neal, runs the game with three players of varied ages and expertise; from total newbies to the game to a teenager who has only played for a year or so.

And this is what happens when one tackles a game for the first time with a group of people when the rules are almost there but not entirely.

We loved it!

Aug 292014

logo_500Welcome to the pilot episode of Dice & Slice, the show about games, gamers and food.

After a successful crowd-funding campaign in Kickstarter to buy some equipment and the hell of a lot of learning for the following four months, the pilot/rehearsal episode is now out with something tasty for you to enjoy and, hopefully, cook too!

In this episode two mega simple recipes and a super excellent game.

First a cold soup that’s as healthy as it is tasty and can be modified to fit your tastes: Gazpacho. Lots of tomatoes, some garlic, basil… Just watch. It’s pretty delicious. Click here to download the recipe.

And for dessert: Creamed Rice Pudding. Another really basic recipe that can be complemented with all sorts of ingredients to suit your taste and turn something simple into something awesome. Click here to download the recipe.

And then Michael Chamberlain and I play X-Wing and review the game. The good (lots of it), the bad (only a couple of things) and the ugly (absolutely nothing of that.)

And now, please get your feedback coming!

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