Dice & Slice Episode 3: The Night of the Grand Octopus and Super Rhino

pic2040714_tFamily games can be rather deceptive sometimes. Behind simple mechanics and quick gameplay, they hide myriad features that can make them super exiting and interesting and these two games we played for this episode are good examples of that.

In this episode of Dice & Slice, we played The Night of the Grand Octopus. Release by Iello last year, it’s a light-hearted take on the whole mythos theme, adapted for the whole family and turned into a game of bluffing, worker placement and some fighting that plays quickly enough and gets better with a slightly larger number of players.

And it’s fun. Real fun!

Super Rhino, on the other hand, it’s a dexterity game that plays very, very fast and although it has some flaws, it really is very good fun and worth playing.

But let’s not just talk about games and let’s talk about what you can feed your friends when they turn up to play.

In this episode I show you how to cook a very simple and delicious Broad Bean and Chorizo risotto packed with flavour and it’ll take you about 20 minutes to cook.

And you can download the recipe from here.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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