Dice & Slice Episode 4: Lords of War with Apple Crumble

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Dice & Slice Episode 4: Lords of War with Apple Crumble

game-packsApple crumble is probably one of the most classic and quintessential British desserts. I really have no idea what’s about it, but it really feels very British. Maybe it’s me… I don’t know.

And Lords of War is a very, very British game too. Soooo British that the designers were both born in England.

That, of course, has no bearings and I’m just waffling a bit here, so let’s get serious… ish.

Martin Vaux and Nick Street invented and designed Lords of War and as soon as it was out, it was awarded at the UK Games Expo, and with good reason. It’s a cracking game.

And they have expansions and very successful Kickstarter campaigns!

Having Martin around, I had to cook something nice and an Apple Crumble is always a winner. Also takes next to no time to cook, so why not.

Hope you enjoy the show!

To download the recipe for the apple crumble, please click here.

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