The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 33 – Summoner Wars with Colby Dauch

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The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 33 – Summoner Wars with Colby Dauch

pic923048_mdI must admit I have totally forgotten that last month was the first anniversary of the podcast. A whole year has gone by and, literally, I didn’t see it coming!

Still, it’s been quite an amazing year, both personally, professionally and… err…. Podcastily?

Never mind.. it’s been a terrific year and I am only so happy to still be around and feel as enthusiastic about the podcast, the website and the gaming world as I did a year ago.

Of course, when one has the opportunity to cyber-mingle with amazing people like Colby Dauch, the creator of Summoner Wars, my hobby becomes a privilege.

pic1078419_mdBut that is not all. Mark Rivera and I talk about the latest release from Clever Mojo Games, Sunrise City, after playing the game at a local games convention. 7 complete novices played and 7 complete novices loved it. And with good reason too. If you have seen the unboxing video, you already know it is an extremely well made game. The review, coming shortly, will also show you it has a terrific gameplay.

pic1117422_mdWe also played Existenz: On the Ruins of Chaos from Quantum Magic, and I can tell you it is an absolute blast! The game plays similar to Magic: The Gathering, but it adds a boardgame and strategy element that makes the game a great deal more fun and interesting to play. With artwork and graphic design to match, you simply can’t go wrong with this game. But we tell you a lot more in the podcast!

And Mark has quite a bit of info to give about his game Ace of Spies. Very exciting news!

And if you thought that was all, you have something else coming! There is give away too!

We have four decks of Summoner Wars cards to give away. How to get your hands on one? All explained in the podcast!

As always, feedback is very welcome and you can always contact us by email:

Hope you enjoy the show,


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