Unboxing X610Z: On the Ruins of Chaos

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pic1117422_md[1]By Paco Garcia Jaen

This is what the publishers say:

X610Z: On the Ruins of Chaos is a living card and board game. In this game you control a brave band of survivors seeking refuge from the dangers of Mount Vargah. You achieve this by making your way towards the relative safety of a victory point, or by destroying your opponent in direct combat. Play your cards in order to gather resources, summon powerful allies, and cast dangerous fluxes or catalysts. However, you will suffer defeat if you run out of cards, so make sure you either defeat your opponents or reach the victory point before that happens.

The box contains four ready-to-play decks, four sets of playing pieces, a rulebook, a quick reference rules sheet, and a game board presenting a map of the world to track your adventures.

But is it worth your money? This video is not a review of the gameplay, but a review of the game components, the quality and the looks. This is to help you decide if your money will be better spent elsewhere or if this game is what you should be adding to your shelf

It is!

Paco Garcia Jaen review the contents of X610Z: On the Ruins of Chaos


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