Win a Heroes Vs Monsters Duel Deck at Magic Madhouse

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jpegMagic Madhouse, an online store offering MTG cards, is currently holding a competition for the chance to win a Heroes and Monsters Duel Deck. This latest giveaway is one of many that Magic Madhouse features regularly on their online store. The Heroes Vs. Monsters Deck is the latest duel deck from Magic The Gathering and entrants have a chance of winning this as part of the latest prize draw at Magic Madhouse.

“We are pleased to be able to offer yet another Magic the Gathering deck in our latest giveaway. The Heroes Vs. Monsters Duel Deck is one of our latest additions to the site and entrants will be in with a chance of winning this fantastic deck if they enter our latest competition at Magic Madhouse.” Michael Duke from Magic Madhouse.

About Heroes Vs Monsters

Heroes Vs Monsters is the latest duel deck to come from the Magic The Gathering franchise. The card collection was officially released on September 6th 2013 and contains two theme decks which have been pre-constructed. One of the two decks focuses on the heroes of the multiverse, which are white and red. While the other deck centres around the monsters from the planes, which are red and green. The Heroes Vs Monsters set is related to the themes of the upcoming set, Theros.

About Magic Madhouse

Magic Madhouse is an online store offering cards and decks for a variety of different games. Along with Magic the Gathering you will also find Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, World of Warcraft and Cardfight Vanguard cards available. The store regularly holds competitions to win the latest card packs and decks and this current giveaway features the latest MTG Duel Deck, Heroes Vs Monsters.

About The Competition

To enter this superb prize draw, simply head to the Magic Madhouse site and check out their competitions page which you will find here – – all you have to do is enter your details into the online form before 15/09/2013 which is when the competition will end. Good luck!


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