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Write One shot RPG adventure competition with Saga Events

Writing one-shot RPG adventures for this competition with Saga Events

This writing one-shot RPG adventures ompetition has been designed and deployed by the company Saga Events as a mean to get people into moving their RPG writing creative muscles during this COVID19 pandemic that is seeing us in lockdown at home. The idea of this is to have an excuse to put ideas out there,…
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Critical Role jokes angered people. This is why.

This is is why Critical Role Jokes angered people.

Critical Role keeps being the most-watched and best-loved TTRPG YouTube shows. And, sometimes, when they make a joke, they upset people. In this video, I explain why. Please help our channel by subscribing and commenting and support our Patreon Campaign if you can: It might seem like something harmless when someone makes a joke…
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#RPG #Interview Erik Scott de Bie: How to write novels from D&D. 🐲 All the secrets revealed!

🐲 RPG Interview Erik Scott de Bie: How to write novels from D&D. 🐲 All the secrets revealed!

Erik Scott de Bie has written, among others, for Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons & Dragons and knows how to take the most interesting parts of a game and turn it into a novel and take the best bit of a story and bring them into an adventure. If you are interested in writing…
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what is the future of rpgs

What is the future of RPGs?

What is the future of RPGs? This is my prediction of what is going to happen to TTRPGs in the future. Or at least one of the things. You think I got it right? Support our Patreon Campaign if you can: With the amount of fantasy and science fiction we are seeing in series…
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Frogfolk of Porphyra RPG review by Endzeitgeist

This installment of the „…of Porphyra“-series clocks in at 57 pages, 1 page front cover, 2 pages of SRD, with the pdf laid out in 6’’ by 9’’ (A5), leaving us with 54 pages of content, so let’s take a look! This book was moved up in my reviewing queue at the request of my…
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