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Unboxing Ortus from FableSmith

Ortus became a massive hit at G*M*S Central about a year ago when we reviewed the game for our Review Room Podcast. A game that came out at Spiel 2013 from a very small company that caught us by surprise and has made it to the top games of this year. In Ortus, players take…
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Video Unboxing – Cubist

Cubist is a very strange proposition for a game. But then, this is a game co-designed by Alf Seegert, a designer who is known for creating strange games with strange themes that, invariably, work very well indeed, and Steven Poelzing. The Road to Canterbury and Fantastiqa are games that should be in any gamer’s collection.…
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Video Unboxing – Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom

Sentinel Tactics is the latest, and probably most ambitious, production from Greater than Games, the company that came to fame – deservedly so – with Sentinels of the Multiverse, the cooperative card game in which players work together to defeat a number of rather unpleasant threats. Now they’ve moved on from just cards to cards,…
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Video Unboxing – Cornish Smuggler

Cornish Smuggler was the first release by Grublin Games and it came out at Spiel 2013 and it did very well indeed. In the game the players take the place of smugglers off the coast of Cornwall (yes, in the UK) who have to load goods in their boats and take them to the destination…
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Video Unboxing: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Hans Christian Andersen is well known for his tales. One of the most famous is The Emperor’s New Clothes, in which a vain and gullible emperor who is told the only people who can see the clothes he’s wearing are the clever people and anyone who say can’t see it is stupid. Of course the…
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