Video Unboxing – Dungeon Fighter and Fire At Will Expansion

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pic1111553_t[1]Dungeon Fighter was released by Cranio Creations in 2011 and it got a reputation for being fiendishly difficult but terrific fun.

With some very quirky artwork and the promise of giggles, it sets itself very firmly in the party game and “let’s just play for the giggles and not the depth” area. The giggles are accomplished by a mix of silly artwork and even sillier antics one has to get up to in order to roll the dice that will determine if you defeat th monster in the dungeon or not.

Trust me, rolling a dice onto a board from  under the table label and releasing the die from your nose… not easy!

So with all these promises, is this game actually worth the money you have to spend to get your hands on it?

Let’s find out!


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