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FATE_coreBy Paco Garcia Jaen and Jim Pinto

Once again we’re Jim and I are back ready to talk RPGs to our hearts content and, hopefully to your heart’s satisfaction.

In this episode of the RPG Room, Jim talks about systems that don’t manage to match the rules and the setting. We discuss how to go about choosing a set of rules for your game and when it’s more appropriate to create one’s rules and when choosing an existing set of rules.

We talk about my game, Deimonorum and how I’m using the ORE system to get a cinematic setting that an reflect how dangerous everything is and make it flexible enough so people can decide how much risk to add to their actions.

We talk about Wild Talents 2 and The One Ring too!

Another topic we tackle is FATE. I (Paco) am having difficulties getting to understand how it’s applied and how it plays with a specific setting, so Jim and I discussed how abstraction in rules can be difficult to get to grips with sometimes.

Lastly, Jim decides to have a go at the Marvel RPG game.

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