Giveaway! Get your hands on a copy of Ace of Spies

Ace_of_SpiesWell, I’m in a generous mood and I am going to give a few things away.

Firs thing, a copy of Ace of Spies. A lovely little game designed by Michael Fox and Mark Rivera in which you take the role of spies completing missions in different cities around Europe.

A light card game fit for all the family.

So what do you have to do to get your hands on this?

Leave feedback in iTunes for our podcast channel and rate it.

Send me an email with Ace of Spies Giveaway in the subject to letting us know you’ve left feedback.

That’s it! The first person to email will get the game.

There’s one caveat, though a very small one; I’m going to give away a few things in the next few days and I really can’t afford all the postage, so I’ll need you to pay for that. None of the games and books I’m going to give away are heavy, so the postage shouldn’t be a lot if you’re outside the UK, though. The last thing I sent was £15 and that was over a kg heavy. These things are nowhere near as heavy, so it shouldn’t be as much either.

Look forward to your feedback!

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