Unboxing Video – 12 Realms by Mage Company

pic1676549_t[1]I have been a fan of 12 Realms since before it came out, if anything because I think the topic is really lovely. I never played the PNP version because I rarely spend time printing anything. It’s just not my thing, but the fact that people had been very complimentary of it anyway was very reassuring.

When I recorded the video voice over for the Kickstater project that funded the production of this game I was already very excited and when I got the game at Spiel 2013 I was over the moon just with the box.

But of course what’s inside is really what counts and that’s what we’re going to take a look at.

Is this game worth the  amount of money they ask you to pay to get your hand on? And would you have got enough for your money if you had backed this game in Kickstarter?

Let’s find out!

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