Podcast Episode – The Boardroom Episode three

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board_roomDoctor Reddy, Paco and Kara mingle in the Boardroom for a bit to bring you some reviews and conversation on the world of boardgaming.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:30 What games have Paco and Dr Mike been playing including Ghost Blitz and Duko
00:06:15 What Paco and Dr Mike got for Christmas including Ligretto, Lego Heroica and Pandemic and a chance to win Dungeon Roll.
00:16:28 UK Games Expo Guests and Workshops including Chris Barry and and a chance to win some Red Dwarf paraphernalia, and X-Wing discussion
00:30:10 What games have we been playing (again) including Firefly: the boardgame, Council of Verona, Cornish Smuggler, Fleet, Pandante, Aquarius and Lego Heroica
00:47:09 Our hopes for 2014, including:
Firefly: the RPG, Salute, UK Games Expo, Emperor’s New Clothes, You are the Hero: the history of Fighting Fantasy books, Torn Armour, Cthulhu Wars, 3D printers
00:50:30 X-Wing speculation, including Quick Snitch, Counters the Board Game Cafe
00:57:57 Torn Armour update
00:59:12 Discussion with Kara about the Leisure Games Game Redesign Competition of Wilderness
01:09:01 What Kara has been playing, including: Ivor, Cheaty Mages
01:11:06 Round up of Essen and hopes for UK Games Expo
01:14:45 What Dr Mike has been playing, including Cha Cha Chicken and Hanabi, and some more Essen discussion
01:22:55 X-Wing tournament woes, including the short-lived World Hall of Fame
01:31:59 X-Wing vs Attack Wing, including a comparison of Coup vs Maskerade
01:43:25 X-Wing Tournament update
01:49:25 Goodbye from Kara, Paco and Dr Mike

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