Dice & Slice – What’s the best pledge level for you?

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By Paco Garcia Jaen

One of my Facebook friends recently (as in today) asked me what’s the best pledge level for him to back our Dice & Slide Kickstarter campaign and I must admit I should have thought about the answer a long time ago. In fact since the campaign begun, so here it is.

The first three pledge levels are for people who don’t want to commit too much money but think we’re onto something.

The Amazing Supporter pledge level is for those of you who want to give a bit more but food is not your thing, so a t-shirt is a cool thing to have.

Decisive, Foodie and Sweet Supporter levels have been thought for those of you who actually want to change things and contribute with something that will make the show yours and are passionate about food. Whilst it becomes a higher amount of money, it also gives you some leeway to show the world that gamers and food are not mutually exclusive!

Unboxer and Super-player Supporter pledge levels.

This is more for those of you who like the idea of being in the video. If you’re passionate about gaming and would like to have a fun weekend of recording videos, playing games and participate in the first season of a show that could end up being really cool project, this is for you.

The following levels are more orientated to professionals, though we wouldn’t stop an individual who is passionate about games from pledging and we’ll certainly take that into account and involve the backer as best we can.

Game Changer Supporter: if you are a small publisher, or have a small number of games, or have a game you really want people to see, then this is your best bet. The whole episode will be dedicated to just that one game and we’ll play it, explain how the basic rules work and give people an insight on the experience of playing the game. We won’t dress up if the game is not good or if it has any major flaws, but we will be constructive and focus on what makes the game fun to play and worthy of purchase.

Sponsor a Show: If you are a distributor, or publish a larger amount of games (say 4 or more), then this  might be better for you. This will draw people to your company and will allow them to see all your games, not just one. Your games won’t be as heavily featured as the main game we’ll play, but every person who watches the show will know of your company and games.

The Heavenly Supporter pledge level has been designed with shops in mind. The show will act as a mini-documentary about the shop, its stock, gaming area and location. Although it won’t be a one hour advert about the shop, it will feature the shop for the whole hour of the episode, so people *will* know about you. Big time!

The Evil Supporter is for laughs. Who’d want to pay to see me suffer for a year being vegan? Exactly.. no one, right?…… right?????

The Incredible Supporter is the mot cost effective way to ensure a continuous and numerous stream of mentions to your game or company. Having your game or company mentioned and shown in 25 videos that will be online forever is not a small asset to have, specially if you sell those games yourself, since a link to your website will be added to every video.


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