Podcast Episode – The Boardgame Review Room: Dominare

pic1352661_t[1]Published in 2012 by AEG, Dominare is part of the Tempest series of boardgame that the prolific company has released and that includes Mercante and others.

In Dominare you try to gain control of the city of Tempest by spreading your influence through the city and developing a network to control the different areas of the city.

Designed by Jim Pinto and with gorgeous artwork by Andrew Hepworth and Jeff Himmelman, this game is a very promising edition to the series.

Michael, Cesare and Max sat down at the table and had a first play at this game.

Considering they like deep games with tons of options that make you think time and time again, will this game satisfy the intellectual demand of our intrepid players?

Let’s find out!

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